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Speciality Name

Panel of Doctor

Dr Rahul Trivedi
Anesthesia and Critical Care
Dr Navubha Sodha
Anesthesia and Critical Care
Dr Deep Kothari
DrRamesh Bhagat
Dr Bhumiba Jadeja
Dr Divyarajsinh Jadeja
Dr Maulika Pattani
Dental Surgeon
Dr Hetal Chatbar
Ophthalmic Surgeon
Dr Gaurang Joshi
Rehabilitation specialist
Dr Ajay Kalotra
General Surgeon
Dr Josal Patel
Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr Kinjal Patel
Dr Devendra Parmar
Specialist: Skin
Dr C V Limbani
Specialist: ENT
Dr B K Makadia
Specialist: R.M.O. (MBBS)
Dr Viral Kothari
Specialist: Radiologist
Dr Mansukh V Panchani
Specialist: Physiotherapist
Dr Hitesh L Varsani
Specialist: Dentist
Dr Ashish B Makadia
Specialist: Physician
Dr Ilaben M Patel
Specialist: Physician
Dr Navin R Patel
Specialist: Pathologist
Dr Mahadev S Patel
Specialist: Medical Director
Center of Excellence