Emergency Call us on +91 2832 231122


  1. Q: Does the hospital provide treatment on holidays?

    A: Emergency department of our hospital is always open to provide primary treatment to the patients 24*7 - 365 days.

  2. Q: How much discount is given in the pharmacy?

    A: For same day consultation in our hospital and indoor patients we give 20% discount. For patients which require medication for more than one month we provide 15% discount. And for patients with precription of other hospital/clinic we provide 10% discount on MRP.

  3. Q: How can I get Antenatal Ultra sonography done in the hospital?

    A: you will require a prescription of any medical registered practitioner advising you this investigation, one Xerox copy of government approved photo ID Card and then get appointment from the USG department.

  4. Q: how to get appointment for MRI / 2D ECHO / TMT / Ped. EEG?

    A: You will have to call us on +91 02832 231122/33 during Monday to Saturday between 8:30 am to 5:30pm.

  5. Q: I have to visit kutch in my home town but I m on dialysis, so how can I get my appointment for dialysis in the hospital?

    A: You would have to mail us on info@mmpjhospital.com before two months. Our dialysis department incharge will reply you about the requirements.

  6. Q: Does the hospital provide Doctor and staff in the ambulance?

    A: Yes we provide Medical officer and trained nursing staff in our ICU on wheel ambulance.

  7. Q: Do you have cashless facility in your hospital?

    A: Yes We Cashless desk.

  8. Q: How to fix an Appointment for Health check up?

    A: Use can get health check up appointment by calling 08232 - 231122/33.

  9. Q: When can we get the report of MRI?

    A: You can get MRI report in one or two days.

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