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Radiology Department

This was one of the first department of our hospital, started in October 2000, with the latest model of spiral CT scan machine. Our team of eminent Radiologists provide round the clock services of radiological  examinations. This is busiest department and its facility is being utilized from private hospitals too. This was only department in Kutch after earthquake.

Spiral CT

Spiral CT is being used for routine CT scan and the contrast CT scan as well as CT guided biopsy.


UltraSonography is harmless, free from radiation risk, cheap, easily available diagnostic modality based on ultrasonic waves-transmission and reflection. It includes small parts, transvaginal/ trans-rectal sonography. It is used for study of abdomen pelvis and other soft organ.


Again we were first to start this facility in Kutch. It is now of digital quality. It plays central role for early detection of breast cancer. Screening mammography is recommended for woman at age of 40.  Considering its value in early detection, Charges are kept at minimum possible

Digital X- Ray

We recently upgraded Digital X-Ray. It is a new technical evaluation in conventional X- Ray, gives good quality X-Ray, taken as soft copy and can be stored for long time. All routine and special investigative X-Ray are now digitalized without raising charges.