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Pathology Department & Blood Bank

Before earthquake Kutch lacked wellequipped standard laboratory. Our hospital started most modern and advanced pathology department which functions round the clock. Blood Bank provides 24 Hours services. It is equipped with…

  • Fully automated biochemistry analyzer XL 300 (Transasia)
  • Fully automated Heamatology analyzer (Nihonkohden cell tacmake 6420K span Diagnosis)
  • ELISA READER for Blood bank infectious disease testing (Erbalisa-5)
  • Blood gas analyzer (ABG 248 Bayer)
  • Fully automated electrolyte analyzer (Easylite)
  • Fully automated histopathology processing unit & knife Sharpener.
  • Coagulometer (Coag- uno Transasia)
  • Fully automated Immunoassay system from siemens (Immlite-1000)
  • Semianto Biochemistry Analyzer Erba CHEM-5 plus From Transasia. V2
  • 24 hrs. Blood Bank